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Which are the most efficient team building activities? Usually, team building activities are encouraged simply because they improve communication, instill teamwork among workers and also develop problem-solving skills. Do you know that many companies have invested in these activities just to foster team spirit?

If you have participated in these activities, you can agree with me that indeed they enhance productivity in the workplace. Your teammates will be more productive than never before. It is good to know that these games may backfire if they are not done in the right manner. Here are some team building activities for employees. You will notice a great improvement in work after these exercises.


In this game, you need to break the group into two teams. You should give every team a list of hard tasks. They can do these tasks as a group. Which are the most common tasks? People prefer taking photos with strangers or even with an object. They should submit their work before the deadline. Who will win in this game? The team that completes its task in a short time is crowned the winner. At times, you can consider creating your own points.


All your teammates will have to stand in a circle. As the team leader, you should instruct everyone in the group to grab the hand of someone across them. They should stretch their left hands out and later grab another person’s hand. What is fun about this game? The group should untangle the knot of arms without releasing their hands.


In most cases, this game involves about 10 people. Every person in the group should pair up. One person from each pair should hold the blindfold. In that case, the other person should lead all the participants from one side of the open space.